What are EYES for!



Vision to your being,
Reason to your senses,
Reflects beauty,
Beholds life.
At times, creates illusion.
What are Eyes for!

Sometimes silent estuary of sorrow,
and at times fountain of bliss.
I see it all but
Can it dig deeper into someone’s whole?
What are Eyes for!

Declares commitment,
Suppresses anguish,
Affirms concern,
Expresses love.
Vents rancour(anger).
At times, Spells magic.
What are Eyes for!

Never lies,
Persuades my presumptions.
A mirror to my soul,
That’s where it abodes.

22 thoughts on “What are EYES for!

  1. Your are a true and candid observer, no doubt about it. The lines not only match the visible but also the hidden world. Very much addictive, your poetry.

  2. A mirror to my soul,
    Thatโ€™s where it abodes.

    Beautiful and touching poem indeed. A similar poem in hindi version is available on my blog and hope you’ll like it too.

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