A Relationship


A dainty bloom
impregnated with fondness,
Nurtured by faith.
Termites of mistrust
can devour it to death.
Seldom words of expression
offers bounty in validation.
But in the end,
All that tantamounts is
each act and every deed
of thoughtfulness and dedication.

An invisible thread;
Fragile but iridescent
Merging two absolute –
though distinctive and resolute.
Hearts intermingle.
Subconscious interconnect.
Unfamiliar becomes familiar
in the longing for completion.
And on the trail towards unknown,
Hope springs from dejection.

We are creatures of logic
But emotions too.
In search of finding the suitable,
When we dare to reveal ourself fully
and care to be vulnerable,
When we refuse to amuse the old sores
howmuch ever palpable,
Only then can we find –
The richness and direction.
A Relationship
Which thrives on genuineness,
true dependability and no imitation.

An intersection;
Which breathes on selflessness
and deeper comprehension.
A point, a place;
Which is enduring enough
to withstand any odds or ordeal
regardless how patchy or rough
with the bliss of togetherness
and ardent devotion.

As matters of heart has it’s own frame!
This ain’t a number game,
where two halves do not make a whole.
When it comes to Love,
It takes two wholes
to make a consummate relation.
A state, A bond,
An Unison;
Where souls blossom
while in the path of self-realisation.