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Ask the One

You smoke your life away A hazy sooty release for that instant rapture. Ask the one Consumed by incessant spasm Devoured by fear Of morbid uncertainty. Of odds in living and dying. Clutched with chemo bidding to outrun Carcinoma. Gasping… Continue Reading →

To my MoonLight

This one is going to be little personal; that corner of my heart, which has a softer, kinder and warmer touch in my life. Though I am always little jittery about writing things personal, being an introvert. But this kindred… Continue Reading →

On Whys and Hows – A Reminder to a Doting Mind Mr.Curious is surely impressed with Mr.Kipling and following his footsteps diligently as he has covered many a Whys and Hows, Who’s and What’s in this meagre six years of his mortal existence. My day begins with a question and… Continue Reading →

The Prayers

  This endearing piece of poem is a story of a woman who loses her mother in early childhood but then gets her back on last days of her life. Prayers do get answered but God has his own way…. Continue Reading →

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