It’s a full circle


It’s a full circle. My pursuit(career) started with India’s leading national daily TOI(The Times of India). I still feel the affinity and belongingness as it was more than an organisation but a family to me too those days. The learning, edification, and the bondings I made there still stays intact.
Saying so I cite below my article, an everyday short story picked up from daily humdrum of life with a theme of universal bonding in ‘The Times of India – Soul Curry‘ column:

http://timesofindia.indiatimes. The com/life-style/relationships/soul-curry/A-tale-of-two-moms/articleshow/52221544.cms


54 thoughts on “It’s a full circle

  1. Indeed soulful…and ultimately all of us parents be it moms or dads don the same role..have the same special bonding with our offspring..expecting them to become good and useful citizens of the world..while we do the same mundane work..

  2. Wow! You are a journalist! My dad had a few friends, who were journalists. I was very impressed by their command over any topic under the sun. So much so that even I wanted to become one when I grow up. Later I ricocheted off many careers and finally ended up as an architect. 😀

    Great article!

  3. A wonderful article, almost makes me wish I was a parent to experience such things, I am happy to live vicariously through the words though.

  4. Loved reading it, very beautifully penned the struggle of two Moms, yah, there are some people who has to struggle much more to exist and to make their dreams true, we all have to struggle but somehow we are much blessed than them, at least from financial condition, but still she is a Mom and she is trying her level best Like other Moms to make her son’s life much better than Her.

  5. Touched and humbled by your experience. We, in our family, go by a common belief that mothers are churned out of the same factory. Crudely put but its so very true.

  6. Beautifully written Chaitali. Your presentation was indeed very touching and loved to read it. And you know what, I am going to read it for a second time to get the feel deep enough. What more should I say?

  7. Who else but a mom could write such a lovely narration. The role of a home-maker is vital for the kids as well as for the husband in different ways. Best wishes always.

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