Humanity Strips

“War is what happens when language fails.”   –    Margaret Atwood

Humanity Strips


Children of nine and ten
Tender and scared
Frozen in fear
Blood smear.
Weeping anxiously
Terror stricken tear.
The gory witnesses,
With blank stare.
The illusive line between
Life and death,
Promises and despair
Swings unaware.
Is that fair!

They say
everything is fair
In love and war.
We are fallen messiahs
In a mission
To salvage and devour.

Women of twenty and thirty
That look in their eyes
Infused with dread and horror.
Grieving mother
Mourning wife
Distraught sister
No words of assurance
can fill their
loss or impair.
Broken heart
Amidst those wasted prayer.
Is that fair!

Men of thirty and forty
Lost limbs
Numb consciousness
Damaged spirit
Feeding on abjectness.
Hopes shattered
Too hapless to dare
Wounded morale
Beyond repair.
Is that fair!

They say
everything is fair
In love and war.
We are fallen messiahs
In a mission
To salvage and devour.

Death falls from the sky
With bombs, missiles and rocket.
And sometimes comes
Gushing from the street
As a cold blooded docket.
Smells of explosives all around
With drones buzzing
Rupturing the shrill sound.

Trees fall,
Wall collapses,
Homes in debris,
Safest harbour relapses.
Roads desolate
With clothes spilled.
a fractured plastic toy
In middle of a lane
Apathy revealed
Innocence killed.
Multiple wars
With disillusioned mission,
Pleading for life,
Empathy and vision.

They say
everything is fair
In love and war.
We are fallen messiah
In a mission
To salvage and devour.

Conflict becomes omnipresent
Discord and disagreement.
Death penetrates
Hatred resplendent.
Charred conscience
Mayhem creeps
Humanity Strips
In Gaza Strip.
And they say
everything is fair
In love and war
Truth is
Unfair is unfair
You call it
Love or War.

71 thoughts on “Humanity Strips

  1. I so agree.. Not all is fair in love and war..! How many more gruesome incidents before we realise?? I think, this question will never be answered. For, in fighting for boundaries, we forget the boundaries set by our Creator. We are walking the path of demons and calling ourselves messiah.

  2. This world is really mean, all that matters is riches and power. No one cares for lives and peace. I can’t believe this is still happening in 21st century.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. It’s sad and shameful.

  3. nicely worded, this needs to spread all across Chaitali! It pains to see the developed nations and the UN not doing anything about it while we see that when the attack was on them, they had taken very severe steps!

  4. Vijay says:

    I also agree with what u have said but same situation is being done in Israel by Hamas militant who dont even think twice before making human shields from children. Fighting is bad but fighting for religion is worse

  5. Everyone has a right to Live and Love their Life in whatever situation it is….but this scene is scandalous and inhumane ….. Beautifully covered with your words

  6. This is the first time I have visited your blog.I totally agree with you on this.I pray for the innocent civilians in Gaza and hope they have peace soon.Beautifully articulated

  7. We strive building big big constructions for universities for those people who can reach them!!!!!!!!!!!!…… We call them they are makers of best citizens but worst people leaving in each corner of house, who gonna pull them out from all cruelty they have inculcated in them????, Who gonna pull them out of all absurd principle they follow and force and influence others by promising to facilitate the basic essentials???………… Why we build university when people selling out their ethics, morality and humanity for BASIC NECESSITIES??????????………. Sounds INSANE!!!!

  8. Beautifully written and sadly so true 🙁 War has never brought good and it will never ever. The first line says it all- “War is what happens when language fails” 🙁
    Very well written Chaitali…

  9. The image you created is dreadful even to think about. I understand how unfair it is to put innocent lives into such an agony. Wars suck away the beauty of life. They suddenly turn lives into hell and doom people into a world of terror where being alive could be a matter of just a few moments… This is aweful. Aweful to just think about.

  10. Great poem, and am so pleased that something has been written about this great human tragedy.I enjoy your writing which flows so well, it pulls one (even a struggling reader like me, from word to word, to a great understanding, and deep thoughts and emotions, am definitely following, so that you very much for finding and liking my blog. Best wishes and blessings Charles.

  11. No it’s not fair at all..killing of innocent babies, children, women and men..cannot be condoned at any costs. You’ve expressed the emotions so well and I feel a spine as I read. Feel the heart tearing out.

  12. Every strike and wound means another generation will feel this hatred. My 13-year-old asked me this weekend, “why are they fighting, dad?” It’s way too much for any Go Ask Daddy post to explain, but I tried, right there over lunch.

    And I couldn’t even teach myself, really.

  13. Perhaps war is the one unfair thing which unfortunately rules the world! The strangest factor being that the people who actually face the consequences have no say in it whatsoever and the war keeps on happening :(.. That too for either the ego or a selfish desire to two unflinching parties 🙁

  14. Very touching thoughts!!! But who wants war is a question we don’t get the right answer but it happens and continues to impact the humanity…we can always put in words and wonderfully done so by you…

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