Time to DoYourHomework


“Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings.”

As a caregiver, we attend to our child’s well being, safety and all rounded growth and development, no one can deny that the role of a nurturer does not end there. Where nurturing ends, begins another role as pivotal as the other; of a guide and a mentor.
The aforesaid quote somehow delicately reinstates that if a child’s intellect, skill or acumen is not harnessed aptly and channelised towards a right path, the unique potential will be wrecked or wasted. As every child is distinctive with his own set of abilities and afflictions or characteristics, what makes it special is their own unique journey to comprehend, persevere and enact.
My son AB who is seven now is a bundle of joy to me- nimble, mischievous, curious and believe it or not ambitious. The only problem is at this age his ambitions keeps fluctuating every other full moon. I know he is not to be blamed on this, for the plethora of career options available now to them.
There are days he wants to treat patients like many other noble professionals and then some other days, he does not mind being an architect exhausting most of his Lego sets to build something phenomenal. It sometimes astounds me to see that children today are far more informed, discerning and to say the least, smarter.
Listening to AB intently has helped me to understand his strengths, interests and inclinations. While as an individual he has all the liberty to set sail his own dreamboat to reach his desired destination, there lies a bigger share of responsibility for us to help him in achieving that.

As a parent, our bank of love is never bankrupt.

But to sustain and survive in this world, there’s more to love.
We play a significant part in their life with a purpose – to nurture and to inspire, to clarify and to connect and thus to motivate the children towards actualisation of their dreams. Today, we live in an increasingly diverse and challenging world. To top that, children today have innumerable career choices. That does not make our life any simpler or easier.
Even though providing quality education to my son for a better, secure life ahead and attainment of his dream is number one in my priority list, there are varied other financial obligations such as bearing the wrath of rising inflation in day to day cost of so-called comfortable living, recurring health expenses and then savings for the declining years too.Not only this, the increasing trend towards privatisation of education sectors in India has made a considerable impact on the inflation rate in this sector to rise drastically.

As quoted on 26th October 2015, the excerpts from ‘newindianexpress’:
“Costs of education and health services have risen much higher than the retail, or consumer price indexed (CPI) inflation for September, the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) said on Sunday.”With severe shortages of education and health facilities in the public sector, the middle class has to depend on private sector schools, colleges and hospitals and their costs have become quite high,” the industry chamber said in a statement here.”While the annual increase in prices of these services may not show huge rise, the base price of such facilities is so high that it is becoming increasingly difficult for a large number of people in cities and small towns to afford them,” said Assocham secretary general D.S.Rawat.”


Like your child does his/her bit of toil and hard work to realise his dreams, but to turn those dreams into reality, we as parent need to plan meticulously and do our share of homework too. The new investor education awareness campaign #DoYourHomework by Axis Mutual Fund at encourages parents to start planning early with foresight and comes to forefront as a cutting edge at this juncture.
Planning for your child’s future is a long term objective for most of us and the campaign highlights that we need to be prepared both emotionally and financially to fulfil our children’s aspirations. The Homework App tool as a calculator at offers a space that will make you think, counsel and provide you with guidelines on how mutual funds can be beneficial if invested from an early age of the child and not only this but also captures how to invest taking into cognizance multiple market aspects as well as individual needs. The campaign reinforces that ‘It is imperative for parents to bridge the gap between the children’s career aspirations and financial requirement to help achieve their children’s desired career goals.’ And the initiative of #DoYourHomework by Axis Mutual Fund takes one step ahead to fill this gap.
Yes indeed as the quote in the beginning reveals that ‘Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings’, we as nurturer and guardians provide the wind beneath those wings to make our kids soar high and shine by attaining their desired goals in life and thus helping them in realisation of their utmost possible potentials.

Life is unpredictable and smarter the choices we make, better the future we can aspire for our sweet ones.