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The relentless rain showers in Hyderabad, which fell heavily and easily without any intention to pause last few days wreaked discord in daily humdrum of city life, dampening the very mood and spirit of many of us. Quite unexpectedly after days of downpour, the Saturday morning of 22nd July was radiantly beaming with a crisp sunshine, perhaps promising the day had plenty to offer.

The wait was over. The Hyderabad Huddle 2017 with the maxim of ‘creativity with fun’ was hosted in GP Birla Centre on 22nd July in collaboration with Nivasini Publishers, Write Club Hyderabad and Twin City Poetry Club(TCPC). A day long extravaganza showcased two book launches, open mic sessions by bards and story-tellers, stand up comedy, street play and more. The city’s literati comprising of medley of people from varied walks of life as engineers and corporate managers to academicians, bloggers and media professionals, sharing common passion bonded over plots, metaphors and repartees.

With much earnestness and anticipation in the air, the first book released was ‘Lakdi Ka Pul – II, the poetry bridge’ by Nivasini Publishers in association with Twin City Poetry Club. The book is an international multilingual anthology of poems, where both celebrated and aspiring poets find their voice. The verses in this book are mostly in free forms having no boundaries of theme, surpassing or encompassing all that is about life and it’s elements in truest spirit. The poems in this anthology springing from one’s heart are nerved and blooded with emotions and insights. My much appreciated poem from the blog titled ‘Love’s Labours Lost’ is a part of this collection. This soul searching poem based upon modern-day broken marriages/unions drills on relationship and it’s pathos and the listlessness, the breakdown inflicts. The seemingly casual tone brings forth the pain of broken hearts. The link to this poem is hettp://www.chaitalibhattacharjee7.com/loves-labours-lost/

The second book ‘Encounters’ is a collection of short stories by vibrant, blossoming writers offering a stirring snapshot on vagaries of life with vivid sensation and persuasive plots. Each book release was followed by open mic session. The contributing poets and scribblers recited and narrated their exquisite pieces fervidly making the surrounding feel alive and pulsating. All was not over yet. In the spirit of pre-dusk, the day ended on a contemplative note with a simple heartening street play titled ‘Recycling Ki Maya’. It was themed on compelling issue of environmental concern and our much heeded role in it leaving some room for thought and to mull over.


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