Girl Unborn – The Monologue

 There are issues close to my heart and then some, closer and one out of them is – Female Foeticide. I know words are not enough, neither the measures yet. There were dialogues and deliberations… I present this poem in form of a monologue, where the unborn girl child pleas to her mother, who she hopes will be her saviour:

Girl Unborn – The Monologue  


You are precious,
So very precious to me.

I see the morning light through your precious eyes
With the nimble birds chorus sublime.
I smell the distant muddy rain,
Which drizzled all through the night.
I hear those quite lullabys you cry
Which makes my feeble heart to sigh.

Those unsweetened condiments you nibble
Is too unsavoury for me to fiddle.
And then the loving touch…
When your fingers unconsciously brush by.
I lived all the senses through you
till the creator commands us to untie.

Does the lofty full moon reflects stillness
Like quoted in the songs of temple minstrel?
Does the sky holds limitless
Like my desire for this new bloom of life to rekindle?

Does the flower that blossoms,
blushes like the crimson of my heart?
Does the hustle and bustle around
Have a face, name or a cast(role to play)?

The questions?
So many unanswered….
And the marvels of life,
I seek to unfold through me.
I sensed my life through you.
How I yearn to live through me!

Then I hear voices –
Colored, unyielding and hideous.
I catch whispers –
Biased, cold-hearted and heinous.
The subtle line between
life and death
Seems so pretentious.

Amidst all the schemes and deception
I sense your anxious heart
Mourning for a direction.
Aching for the salvation.

Break all the shackles of bondages,
Unleash all the strings.
For the love of bond we share,
For the sake of countless silent prayers,
For the angst we heaped together,
“What your bearer did for you,
Won’t you do that for me, Mother?”

You are precious,
So very precious to me.
Am I precious to you?
I sensed my life through you
How I yearn to live through me!


[Every 12 seconds, a baby girl is aborted in India. That’s about 7,000 girls killed every day, just because she is a girl child. Female foeticide has eliminated fifty million of girls in last century in India alone. Dr. Sabu George, India’s leading advocate against female infanticide says, “A daughter is considered a liability in some part, and nobody wants too many liabilities in the house”. The child sex ratio is within the normal natural range in all eastern and southern states of India, but significantly higher in certain western and particularly northwestern states such as Punjab, Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir. As per the latest Census in the year 2011, the total female sex ratio in India is 940 per 1000 males. Abnormal sex ratios at birth, possibly explained by growing incidence of sex-selective abortion, have also been noted in other countries widespread such as South and East Asia, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and some Southeast European countries too.

Despite these horrific numbers, foetal sex determination and sex selective abortion by unethical medical professionals has today grown into a Rs. 1,000 crore industry (US$ 244 million). Abortion is legal in India. Sex-selective abortion, however, is illegal but widely common. The impact is devastating, with census figures showing the child sex ratios getting worse. The Indian government has passed Pre-Conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) (PCPNDT) Act in 2004 to ban and punish prenatal sex screening and female foeticide. It is currently illegal in India to determine or disclose sex of the foetus. However, there are concerns that PCPNDT Act has been poorly enforced by authorities. There have been only two convictions — a fine of 300 rupees ($7) and another fine of 4,000 rupees ($98) — from over 400 cases lodged under the PCPNDT Act.

Social organisations across the globe are working day and night to put an end to this horrific act, which if not stopped will contribute more to problems such as, rape, human trafficking, abuse, child marriages and increased crime rate because of natural sex ratio imbalance.]

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58 thoughts on “Girl Unborn – The Monologue

  1. yes it is a sad thing but i have seen posters in hospitals and all like abortion is a crime,sex determination is a crime etc.i believe dowry(as anoop wrote) also is another social evil.maybe socaial awarenes,giving education all can help right?but the most important thing is the realization that without women no men can be born right?

  2. Sometime ago during a similar discussion someone said to me,

    “” Pick one.
    Selective abortion?

    OR ,

    A girl getting kidnapped / molested / sold / harassed for dowry / raped / killed horrifically / n a host of other sexual crimes ? Give me a good reason to bring a girl child to this world. You raise your daughter with lot of love and care, and there is always a predator waiting to attack.
    Anybody can have a daughter, but how do they plan to protect her from all this?, by assuming it won’t happen to her? All the girls who have been sexually abused, did they bring it on themselves? A 20 yr old cannot protect herself when she is attacked, what do you expect from a 5 yr old? Every body says Save Girls, how many of us are clear what do we need save them from ? Do we need to save girls only to have a balanced gender ratio? “”

    Very touchy topic.

    • My intention is even beyond that….very clear, very basic….a life is a life….doesn’t matter boy or a girl…it will flourish ….let it flourish….for the fear of unknown we don’t murder life….it’s a crime in lieu of another crime then… more point the people who kill they don’t do that for saving girls from rapists or molesters but they kill cause they feel a girl to be a burden, a disadvantage.and it’s quite difficult for me to absorb doctrines like that…As I mentioned in one of my earlier blog…..I am a woman and I love every part of being a woman. But I don’t endorse any kind of extremism be it in any form. More so I believe in humanism( I don’t know if there’s a term like that which exists, but the spirit that dwells into humanity); To make it sound clear, anything that values life on this earth without putting any clause like caste or creed and in this case gender, I respectfully defend that.

      • There is actually a movement I found out about earlier due to my posting on Feminism and equality. It is called the “Humanist Movement”. It values and is a proponent of everything you (and I) value. You can look it up online. It is a world wide movement, but one that needs much more attention and following. There is value in humanity. We have forgotten. Education and enlightenment is needed to change this horrible practice.

    • totally agree, but it surely looks like the good people are outnumbered by the bad… that’s what the person was trying to say… being a mother of 2 daughters , she is having sleepless nights given the current state of affairs in the country… and there’s nothing I could say to comfort her…

  3. Abortion is a sticky topic. Education is the key here… not a one sided education, a wide, broad education that covers everthing… options for mothers who decide against abortion… why a women might ‘need’ an abortion… the role males play… social pressure… cultural norms… what happens after an abortion… how can an abortion be helpful… what actually happens to the baby during adortion… how does abortion effect barren mothers… ethics… death penalty vs. abortion… why boys have a higher birth rate than females… who’s body is it really if the fotus can’t survive without the mother… options for mothers in general… when is the baby independant from the woman… men who don’t to take responsibility… birth/self control for men and women… how some unwanted children have changed to world for good…. help… who will take care of the girls who are born unwanted… does this justify abortion… what about war… what about all the other sins and wrong doings… and the list goes on…. ,

    i cannot jump into the heart of another human. I cannot truely understand another persons situation. What is right? What is wrong? Who am I to judge another? Eduction is the key. Understanding and compassion are the way to change. Prayer for wisdom and forgiveness, from those who judge and those who abort.Humans are not actually separated into these catagories. All humans are alike. ”Abortion”, abuse, and killing have many faces. The face of sin is known to us all, practiced by, all, we are not perfect…. Education…Compassion…Prayer for Wisdom… Forgiveness

  4. Very awkward issues here. I don’t like the idea of abortion, but I don’t like ignorance either. There are plenty of anti-abortionists who seem to think that sex education is a no no, and that young girls should have no access to birth control, which is just crazy, and illogical. We need to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and address why they happen. As for selective abortions…that is so wrong, I don’t even know where to start.

  5. It’s a wonderful piece of writing…
    “How I yearn to live through me! ” .. what a lovely line and is impregnated with so many thoughts ..

    Just going through the above discussion …I think the issue of abortion is different from female foeticide …families ( even educated ones ) in India are so eager to have a male child ..for he would carry on the lineage , as they believe , a girl child is a liability …so a female foetus has no right to see the light of the earth…the darkness of mother’s womb is synonymous to the darkness of death for a female foetus …. 🙁

    A few months back I wrote this story on the same issue…

    • Though widely followed in certain rural sectors, even some educated people are practising the ghastly act…. Does education alone brings true wisdom or enlightenment or it’s people’s exposure to various culture and values, situations, broadening knowledge to have an open mind….is a different topic to debate on……As you aptly said abortion and female foeticide are totally, two different issues. And this post of mine dwells into the array of Female Foeticide not abortion…..thank you for realising the connotation of words on this palpable issue through a poetic rendition. give me some time, I will visit your link in a while…

  6. Poignant and moving! The statistics are horrifying one can’t make out the magnitude of this social malaise from just from new items. Thank you for spreading the awareness.

  7. A very powerful piece of writing. I can relate to it mostly because I was an unwanted girl child. If not for my mother I wouldn’t have been alive or might be given up for adoption. But she was a strong women, and she saved me by going against her own family. I never got the guts to write about this topic, moreover because my father loves me now, and has changed his views for better. Its a touchy subject for me but you portrayed it perfectly. Thank you.. 🙂

    • I wrote the words and you lived it….the world is round isn’t it. Firstly, thank you for sharing your personal tale.. A story about grit, will power and courage. My heartfelt honour and admiration for your mother. I absolutely am touched by your words and your life….the poem was committed to a purpose for girls like you and I am glad you came across it…. Live your life and be merry…

  8. Good people…want to live safe…they don’t wont risks to take…they want their safety life..which energies and gives more guts for such people who does such illegal thing.

    How many of us who are feeling bad here, had went to for helping the lady who is getting beaten by her husband???, who many of us go for supporting those girls who getting humiliate in public????…I share my own experience he, once when i went to help a girl who was getting humiliate by a boys group in a bus stop, on guy even slapped me…entire public watched and witnessed entire thing as it’s a shooting !!!…none came for our help!!!…this is the situation in most of the place..until this changes .good people speak up..change is impossible!!!!

  9. Your poem was so touching and portrays a thought provoking point. I would like to re-write my favorite lines in the poem-
    Break all the shackles of bondages,
    Unleash all the strings.
    For the love of bond we share,
    For the sake of countless silent prayers,
    For the angst we heaped together,
    “What your bearer did for you,
    Won’t you do that for me, Mother?”

    Very well written. 🙂

  10. Thank you for sharing such a informative is crime to murder fetus, in fact it is crime to kill every single creature in this world… we need to love and respect every sentient beings ..but we are so inhuman that we kill all the innocent lives before they see this beautiful world…

  11. Such a powerful poem and a great article. Thank you for making the world aware. My thoughts are with you and all the women and girls who are threatened by this practice.

  12. I am so glad that you are writing about this and hosting a discussion besides. I was so touched by the lines “You are precious, So very precious to me. Am I precious to you?”

  13. loved it ! u have expressed the emotions in such a subtle way…read it twice. Female infanticide exists as we raised our kids as girls & boys not just as kids ! society will change when we will start changing for best. good wishes. keep inspiring & getting inspired 🙂

  14. WOW. Thank you for brining attention to this and in such an artistic way. The followup facts render the poem all the more anguishing. The world needs more people who feel with their hearts as you do. Thank you. -Renee

  15. Hello! Touched by the poem. Very pertinent indeed! I am currently writing on this subject too. Would you be able to help me on this? Could you suggest how I should reach out to you? This is my email address: Would love to hear from you.

  16. Hi I am so thrilled I found your blog, I really found you by mistake, while I was searching on Google for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just like to say many thanks for a marvelous post and a all round enjoyable blog (I also love the theme/design), I don韙 have time to read through it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the awesome work.

  17. Anonymous says:

    A gripping poem followed by abysmally reprehensible state of the society. Recently I read Rajasthan Government is going too make sex-determination mandatory for all pregnancies so that all the female fetuses can be registered and monitored. Can’t say it will work but I like the idea.

  18. A very nice dedication post!

    These two lines sum it up all:
    “Mourning for a direction.
    Aching for the salvation.”

    The poem is beautifully pen down with all the necessary emotions. Thank you for the awareness post. 🙂

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