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Why have I not given up on Valentine’s Day?

  Four determining decades and twenty-six days later exactly where I stand today as I celebrated my birthday last month, love is no more a silly, sloppy, tear-jerking, saccharine coated cat-and-mouse-chase mush to me. Love to me now is more… Continue Reading →

A Day of Creative Muse

    The relentless rain showers in Hyderabad, which fell heavily and easily without any intention to pause last few days wreaked discord in daily humdrum of city life, dampening the very mood and spirit of many of us. Quite… Continue Reading →

It’s a full circle

It’s a full circle. My pursuit(career) started with India’s leading national daily TOI(The Times of India). I still feel the affinity and belongingness as it was more than an organisation but a family to me too those days. The learning,… Continue Reading →

The Torchbearer showed us the path….

The Poet Seer’s b’day was on 7th May. Even after a century and five decades later, his rich inheritance lingers and endures. A legacy, an endowment which just not mean brilliant, prismatic literature or expressive soulful hymns that touches your… Continue Reading →

Till Death Do Us Part…

“I am so hurt deep inside. But, what’s new? Every time and almost most of the time it’s been like this. When you have been taken for granted that’s how it feels like! The pain is that much, when you… Continue Reading →

An Inimitable Gift

The WordPress poem challenge few days back was elevating, proposing the poets to write a piece of poem or verse incorporating three distinctive elements together – ‘Acrostic’, ‘Simile’ and the theme should be ‘Gift’. Confining creativity within forms and boundaries… Continue Reading →

My Birthdays

A family is a unit. It’s an all encompassing medium which moulds, breeds and nurtures us into a being which we are today. The healthy development of family bond is vital to the well being of community and nation as… Continue Reading →

A Relationship

A dainty bloom impregnated with fondness, Nurtured by faith. Termites of mistrust can devour it to death. Seldom words of expression offers bounty in validation. But in the end, All that tantamounts is each act and every deed of thoughtfulness… Continue Reading →

Time to DoYourHomework

  “Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings.” As a caregiver, we attend to our child’s well being, safety and all rounded growth and development, no one can deny that the role of a nurturer does not end… Continue Reading →

For you to Notice.

  Few years down, it was a small step with a true inspiring everyday short story ‘A tale of two Moms’ @; a story which you and I can relate with a universal theme of maternal bonding. Then came a… Continue Reading →

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